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Legal policies are an uncompromising part of having a website or a blog. Some policies are necessary by law, and not having them would mean you’re breaking the law. While other policies, although not mandatory under the law, are highly recommended for your own protection and safety. 

Different policies serve a different purpose, and that’s why it’s important not to cut corners and get everything that is necessary. After all, if you’re not legally compliant or protected, then any little mistake could cause the end of your business or have it be taken away. Here are the main legal policies any website or blog will need in order to be legally compliant and protected.

Here are the policies that every business owner who has a website must have:
Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a legally mandatory policy to have on your website. Almost every country in the world has some kind of regulation in place that makes the privacy policy mandatory. Your privacy policy must address all the necessary laws and clauses. Moreover, it must be GDPR compliant. Also, you'll either need a privacy policy that complies with CCPA rules and regulations, or have a separate CCPA policy in place.

Disclaimer with Disclosures

A disclaimer policy is an incredibly important policy to have that is also required by law. This is the policy where you would disclose any affiliate relationships you have. Furthermore, you would use this policy to write disclaimers, such as professional disclaimer, general disclaimer, earnings disclaimer, etc. The role of the disclaimer policy is to protect you from liability as much as possible.

Terms & Conditions

A terms of use policy, also known as terms and conditions or terms of service, is a policy where you put down in detail how other people may or may not use your site and its content. This is the policy where you establish the rules that you want others to follow. Moreover, your terms of use policy is where you will go in detail about your intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark and patents.

The bundle that will save you time and money...

This Website Legal Policies Bundle is prepared by an attorney who is also a blogger. Why is this important? Simply put, because this attorney knows what’s important and necessary as a blogger.  

You can be sure that this bundle includes all the policies that your website will require to be legally compliant and protected. This Bundle comes with necessary and recommended policies and some amazing bonuses to give you an advantage in your legal compliance journey.

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Kristin Rebholz

Before I purchased the Website Legal Policies Bundle, I was so overwhelmed. I'm so happy I purchased it because it has made my life SO MUCH EASIER! I love Mariam's templates, they are very easy to use, and took all of the guesswork out of writing these legal documents. I highly recommend visiting her shop for your legal document needs!

Katie Emery

Mariam is the BEST! I've purchased several legal document templates from her, and they are all top notch. Recently, when I hired a V.A., I turned to Mariam for an Independent Contractor Agreement. My V.A. wanted some changes to the agreement and not being a legal expert myself, I sought Mariam's advice. Mariam worked with me to tweak the document and she reviewed it with me via Zoom before I submitted it to my V.A. for signature. She answered all of my questions, and I felt confident that I would be protected by this document. Her products and her customer service are stellar.

Michael Jankowski

As an entrepreneur I needed access to legal policies & documents to keep myself and my company in compliance. I wasn't sure where to look for these, and as luck would have it I came across Mariam in some online entrepreneur groups and knew she was who I was looking for. With the Website Legal Policies Bundle I was able to make sure I had all my bases covered and protected. Thanks Mariam!


Privacy Policy 

Terms and Conditions Policy

Disclaimer Policy with Proper Disclosures 

Instructional videos for all the policies showing you how to customize your policies

Here is Some Bonus Content That's Included As Well...

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy 

Instructional video for the CCPA policy

Earnings Disclaimer

Sponsored Post Disclosure Statement

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